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Simplify your IT, reduce overhead and make more money by migrating from PCLaw | Time Matters™ to LEAP

LEAP’s serverless solution means you no longer need to maintain costly servers, so you can reduce office expenses associated with maintenance and additional IT staff.


We make it easy for you to migrate from PCLaw | Time Matters™ to LEAP

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When you book a demonstration with LEAP, you’ll be contacted by a LEAP Product Consultant who will show you how LEAP can boost your firm’s productivity and efficiency.

Data transition

LEAP has the world’s only software built just to move PCLaw | Time Matters users’ data into LEAP in as little as two days. Learn more about the transition process.

Training & Support

Following your data transition, you'll receive support from our HelpDesk team. Your Client Success Manager will also be available to help you maximise your LEAP investment.

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Cloud Solution Software

LEAP has the world's only software built to transition PCLaw | Time Matters™ users to the cloud

In 2019, LexisNexis named LEAP “best-in-class” serverless solution for law firms. In LEAP, LexisNexis found a trusted provider of cloud-based solutions with a reputation for delivering high levels of customer service. 

Now, PCLaw | Time Matters™ customers can experience product enhancements, improved customer support, and a simple transition path to LEAP’s industry-leading cloud solution.

Download our brochure to learn more about the benefits of migrating to LEAP from PCLaw or Time Matters software.

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Future-Proof your Law Firm Webinar

In this webinar, Kyle Stinson and Bryan Figueroa, will show you how to future-proof your law firm using LEAP’s productivity solution and the Cloud.

Migrating from local servers to the Cloud has never been more straightforward. Learn about all the productivity and security benefits that the Cloud offers, and how LEAP representatives make the transition easier than ever.

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Legal Practice Productivity Solution

What is LEAP

The Legal Practice Productivity Solution

LEAP occupies a unique position in the legal software market as it includes traditional practice management and legal accounting attributes, document assembly and management as well as many of the traditional legal publishing assets all in one solution. What makes LEAP unique is that is has been designed from the ground up as one synchronized solution.


9000+ firms use LEAP to run their practice

Tom MacKay, Principal

Ontario Law Firm

"After switching to LEAP, I have begun to transition to a paperless office. LEAP's powerful integrations with software we were already using make everyday tasks easier. The mobile features provide so much efficiency that I have more time to focus on client service. The LEAP transition was effortless and the training and support we have received exceeded our expectations. LEAP Legal Software is a smart choice for our firm."

Lisa Winter-Card, Principal

Ontario Law Firm

"We were so pleased with the transition when we switched from PCLaw® to LEAP a few months ago. The team was able to integrate our different systems into LEAP's all-in-one practice solution and support our staff during the process. Now, our firm can work from anywhere and instantly access any matter and track time, access all documents and billing ledgers."
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More than 9000+ firms use LEAP to manage their matters effectively

LEAP combines case management, document and email management, automated court forms, legal trust and office accounting, billing, office reporting and client collaboration and document sharing features in one system for one price.

We concentrate on providing software tailored to the most commonly practised areas of law in small to mid-sized law firms.

Case Management Mobile


Law firms using LEAP can work anywhere, any time, on any device in real-time

Access your documents and case information with the LEAP mobile app for iOS devices. Collaborate in real time, record time and save, scan documents directly into matters, dictate file comments and record expense recoveries. From the app, all of your data is saved back to the matter automatically and instantly synchronised across all of your devices.

LEAP timesheet


Integrated cloud-based accounting, billing and reporting

Ensure compliance with your province's trust regulations and perform complex transactions with built-in office and trust accounting. Instantly generate invoices, capture disbursements and integrate LEAP office accounting and billing with Xero and Quickbooks Online. Whether doing fixed fee work, value billing or time recording, the powerful activity recording system provides lawyers with all the information needed to bill every matter accurately.


LEAP’s cost-efficient solution for law practice management provides key benefits to law firms

Electronic matter management

Storing client information and correspondence in one electronic matter means your data is updated in real-time and accessible from any device by all staff in your law firm.

One intuitive system for one price

Run your firm efficiently from one application that has time recording, billing, document management and production, email management and legal and trust accounting.

The freedom to work anywhere

Work from anywhere at any time with a single login for all of your devices. Automatically record time and access cases, client information and documents from your mobile phone or tablet.

Commitment to innovation

We invest $20 million in research annually to develop innovative software that improves law firms’ efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Boost profits & drive growth

LEAP’s productivity-boosting features and time-saving tools allow you to increase your firm’s efficiencies and profits, so you can facilitate the growth of your law firm.

Up-to-date content

LEAP enables you to produce legal documentation quickly and accurately from a client matter. Our Content team ensures you have access to the most up-to-date court forms.

No servers

LEAP is cloud-based software, which means you can simplify your IT and lower your costs by eliminating on-premise or hosted desktop servers and associated maintenance expenses.

World-class customer support

Whether you’re transitioning from another practice management solution or just starting your firm, LEAP’s local support team is available to support you and your firm at every stage.

Simplified software updates

With LEAP, software version upgrades are fast and simple. Backups are automatic and the software is maintained by LEAP, so you never have to worry about updates.


Hybrid Cloud Practice Management

With LEAP, you don’t need an internet connection to access your information. You can continue to work even if your internet goes offline. Your data will automatically sync when you are back online. With no downtime, you and your staff can stay productive.


LEAP Users Worldwide


Average Uptime Globally


Invested annually in R&D

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is legal practice management in a law firm?

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What is included with LEAP?

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LEAP's cloud-based practice management software includes everything a legal practice needs to improve productivity and make more money. Fill out the form below to find out how LEAP can specifically benefit your law firm.


9000+ firms use LEAP to run their practice

Elizabeth Howarth, Office Administrator/Accounting/Estate Planning Assistant

Ault & Ault LLP

We have been using LEAP since April 2022 and have found the software to be excellent across all the areas we cover. LEAP has provided us with a practice management system that is both flexible and user-friendly. The implementation and training process was extremely well-led by the LEAP staff and we are excited about learning more about customizing and auto-generating common precedent forms, documents, letters and financial statements. The solution has provided our staff the flexibility to work anywhere and the ability to access matter information and coordinate updates in real time. We are very pleased with the integration of our different systems that LEAP is able to manage—it works seamlessly with Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, Adobe—and it is intuitive to use once learned.