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Your LEAP Investment Explained

LEAP's Legal Practice Productivity Solution offers the benefits of a centralized, firm-wide legal software solution—improved efficiency, productivity and profitability—at a price that is accessible for your law firm.

What is LEAP?

Why should I be interested in LEAP?

What is included with LEAP?

LEAP is everything you need to run a law-firm

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Secure Document Management

Create, store and share documents, correspondence, searches and forms securely from one searchable location. LEAP captures every change to a document with integrated version comments and in-built tools to make rolling back to a previous version simple.

Automated Forms

Access more than 1,200+ up-to-date, automated and highly integrated legal forms and precedents for Canada. LEAP's dedicated team of content specialists ensure that forms are always up-to-date, helping you stay compliant and save valuable time.

Legal Accounting & Billing

Integrated cloud-based accounting, billing, time recording, billing, AR management, trust reconciliations, and reporting. Ensure compliance with your province's trust regulations. Easily manage financial transactions for deposit, client and office accounts.

Microsoft Integration

LEAP integrates with familiar applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook to allow you to access your electronic business files. Accessing these files through LEAP on a web browser means you can work from virtually any device, from your laptop to your smartphone to your tablet.

The Power of Mobility

With LEAP, you can work from anywhere, any time on any device. Communicate with clients, record time and access cases from anywhere with your mobile device or tablet. Instantly track time, scan documents directly into a matter and record expense recoveries when out of the office.

Support & Training

LEAP clients have unlimited access to support, training and resources. Our local HelpDesk team is ready and available to solve any technical issues you may experience.


9000+ firms use LEAP to run their practice

Tom MacKay, Principal

Ontario Law Firm

"After switching to LEAP, I have begun to transition to a paperless office. LEAP's powerful integrations with software we were already using make everyday tasks easier. The mobile features provide so much efficiency that I have more time to focus on client service. The LEAP transition was effortless and the training and support we have received exceeded our expectations. LEAP Legal Software is a smart choice for our firm."

Lisa Winter-Card, Principal

Ontario Law Firm

"We were so pleased with the transition when we switched from PCLaw® to LEAP a few months ago. The team was able to integrate our different systems into LEAP's all-in-one practice solution and support our staff during the process. Now, our firm can work from anywhere and instantly access any matter and track time, access all documents and billing ledgers."

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