LawConnect is seamlessly integrated with LEAP, the Legal Practice Productivity Solution used by 61,000+ practitioners worldwide. LawConnect provides LEAP users with a secure document management system and client portal, making it easy for all parties to collaborate.

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Share securely and collaborate privately with LawConnect

Over 2 million documents have been securely shared via LawConnect by law firms worldwide. LawConnect allows you to share documents with your clients and provide a high-quality collaborative experience.

Included with LEAP at no extra charge, LawConnect enables you to:

  • Share highly confidential documents online with the ability to revoke access to files, if required

  • Collaborate on documents with other parties in real-time and from multiple devices, without needing to meet in person

  • Easily and securely send invoices to clients

  • Drive new business to your firm using, a directory of legal practitioners in Canada

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Security matters for all your legal matters

Most lawyers use email to send confidential documents to clients. However, email exposes you, your firm, and your clients to risks such as data breaches, which are increasingly common.

How you share and store all your data, documents, and files is more important than ever. Providing a safe alternative to email, documents shared via LawConnect are securely stored and backed up on servers provided by Amazon Web Services, the world’s most secure cloud computing platform. LawConnect is the only trusted way to securely share legal documents.

Screenshot of LawConnect integration inside LEAP app

Gain complete control over your documents

Designed to increase visibility and accountability, LawConnect provides firms with an overview of all documents shared with clients and colleagues. This includes the ability to see who has viewed or shared the documents, restrict access to specific users, or revoke access to documents at any time, if required.

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Send and receive large files

LawConnect also allows you and your clients to share large documents of any size, thus reducing the need to deal with size restrictions when sending multiple files for the same matter across several emails.

Screenshot of LawConnect integration inside LEAP app

Efficiency through collaboration

Be more productive without compromising security. LawConnect provides a secure environment for your firm and your clients to collaborate in real-time. Intuitively designed, LawConnect enables parties to work on the same single version of a document using view, comment, and reply functions.

Firms using LawConnect provide a premium client experience by being able to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere and from multiple devices – all without having to meet in person.

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